LCUMA Ministerial Credentials Renewal Application

Ministerial Credentials Renewal
    The purpose of Life Christian University Ministerial Association (LCUMA) is to:
    1. Provide spiritual direction, counsel, and leadership to ministers as well as spiritual recognition of the ministry calling that God has already placed upon them
    2. Assist in the fulfillment of that ministry
    3. Provide a fellowship of ministers who can merge their resources to further the Kingdom of God
    Each LCUMA member is required to meet the following minimum standards:
    1. Be born again as described in John 3:3
    2. Be baptized by immersion in water
    3. Be baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues as described in Acts 2
    4. Be in compliance with the scriptural standards found in I Timothy 3
    5. Be actively engaged in an area of ministry
      (ATTN: Licensees, please provide written documentation from your pastor or department head)
    6. Have submitted one personal character reference and one pastoral reference
    7. Have earned a high school diploma or GED
    8. Have successfully completed at least two (2) years of study at Life Christian University
    1. Credible spiritual authority giving access to jails, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes and other institutions requiring ministerial endorsement
    2. Ministerial counseling service
  4. COSTS
    Regardless of credential type:
    1. The annual renewal fee is $30. Upon successful submission of this application with your payment, you will be forwarded to a webpage where you can print your credentials card on your own printer.
    2. If you want us to mail you a laminated card, it will cost $5 extra.

My Identity

My Ministerial Information

  • For Licensure — Must be committed to & actively participating in a vital relationship with a local church.
  • For Ordination — Must publically preach/teach the Word of God a minimum of 20 times per year. This does not include teaching someone else's curriculum in Sunday School, prayer meetings, Bible studies, home fellowships, etc., but may include ministering your own Bible messages in the above settings as well as prison ministry, street evangelism, chaplain's ministry, etc. (This is generally reserved for full-time ministers.)
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My Mailing Address for a Laminated Card

My Payment Information

Total amount to be charged to the card below

Card Information *
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Card Billing Address

Please carefully read the following legally binding Affidavit of Agreement before signing:

By my signature hereon, I certify the following:

  1. I have truthfully and accurately answered all questions contained in this application. I understand that falsification of any kind is grounds for refusal of my application or immediate revocation of my credentials should falsehood be discovered after license/ordination has been granted.
  2. I agree with the Life Christian University Ministerial Association Statement of Faith in its entirety without reservation or exception.
  3. I agree to maintain compliance with the Requirements & Standards set forth above.
  4. I agree to submit to the spiritual authority and guidelines of LCUMA. If at any time I no longer agree with the beliefs and/or practices of this organization, or if it is requested by those in authority, I will forfeit and return my ministerial credentials (both certificate and card) to Life Christian University.
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