Life Christian University

From the President

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus our Lord!

Thank you for your interest in the local campus program of Life Christian University.

Every program that the university offers is available to you. All you need are qualified instructors for each course within the program.

Next, I would like share with you our philosophy of ministerial education and training. Unlike some extension programs that rely solely on the use of videos, we believe strongly that God wants to use all of His ministry gifts to prepare the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ for service. There are spiritual impartations that will take place in students' lives that they will not receive any other way than sitting in classes under the anointing of gifted teachers. We trust that gifting and anointing in you and your faculty to accomplish the quality educational training program that God wants in these last days.

We thank you again for your interest in becoming a local campus of Life Christian University.

We have provided an FAQ here on our website to answer most of your questions. However, we know that FAQs cover only the broad strokes and we will be glad to answer any additional questions that you have concerning the startup and operation of a local campus and the details of your own academic status. Please feel free to call us any time.

We pray God's continued blessings on you, your family, staff and ministry, in all your endeavors for His kingdom.

In His service for a quality, spiritual education,

Dr. Douglas J. Wingate
President & Founder

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