Research Paper Affidavit

Research Paper Affidavit

This affidavit must be submitted for every research paper, thesis, or dissertation you turn in for a grade.


Preventing Plagiarism Checklist

Did you quote, copy, or copy/paste any information from either printed material or from the Internet? *
Does the total of all copied information make up more than 20% of your paper? *


You must rewrite your paper paraphrasing the additional quoted material using your own original sentence structure and words.

Proper Documentation of Quoted Material

Did you enclose all quoted, copied, or copy/pasted information in quotation marks? *
Did you give proper credit to the author(s) as shown in your Research Paper Guidelines? *
Did you list the source(s) of all quoted or copied information in your Bibliography? *


You must rewrite your paper, being sure to enclose all quoted or copied information in quotation marks, give proper credit to the author(s), and list the source(s) in your bibliography.

Attach Your Research Paper

Maximum upload size: 2MB

Declarations & Signature

Declaration #1 *
Declaration #2 *

* Stiff penalties exist for plagiarism. See your Student Handbook for details. Repeat offenders are subject to dismissal.

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