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TH-101: Principles of Faith

What To Do Next

  1. Download the course outline and exam using the button at the bottom of the Course Sessions List. The downloaded PDF file will show up in your computer's Downloads folder.
  2. Play the course lectures using the links in the Course Sessions List.
  3. Obtain the course textbook using the instructions below, then read it.

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Obtaining Your Textbook

You can obtain your textbook for this course using the following means:

  • Download a free ePub version (suitable for tablets or smartphones.)
  • If you prefer, you may purchase a paperback version from LCU for $15.99.

Technical Requirements

  1. LCU supports only the following browsers for viewing its course videos:
    • Safari (MacOS, iOS)
    • Chrome (MacOS, Linux, Android, or WinXP & newer)
    • Firefox (MacOS, Linux, WinXP & newer)
    • Internet Explorer 9/10/11 (Win7/8/8.1)
    • Edge (Win10 and newer)
  2. You will need a software program that can read and print Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files as well as access to a printer to print the outline and test. If you have a Windows computer and do not have Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader installed, Adobe Reader is a free download here. Macintosh users may either use that comes with MacOS or download Adobe Reader using that same link.
  3. In case your Internet access is too slow to support online videos, we have also included audio-only versions of the lectures in MP3 format. To download the MP3 file rather than playing it in your browser, follow the directions below the Course Sessions List list at right. You may then either listen to them on your computer, transfer them to your favorite MP3 player, or burn them onto a CD.


  • In compliance with the current trend in Internet best practices, LCU no longer serves course videos in Adobe Flash format as of July 16, 2012.

Legal Stuff

  • Limit of one free course per student. No other courses may be substituted for the one offered here.
  • College credit awarded for this course is contingent upon enrollment at LCU plus completion of all coursework specified in the course outline.
  • This offer is for online students only and is not available to students already enrolled at an LCU extension campus. There are no refunds for students who have paid tuition for enrolling in TH-101 either online or at an LCU campus.