Why Is LCU the Best Choice For You?

Why is Life Christian University the best choice for you to obtain your ministry education and to be fully equipped for the call of God on your life?

Real faith in God produces miracles. Life Christian University is all about training up “faith specialists” who indeed receive and live the miracle life – and also know how to teach others how to do the same.

Passion for God and His Purposes

Men and women of any age who know that the Lord has a special purpose and a divine destiny prepared for their lives can discover that purpose and be fully equipped to complete it through LCU. Passion led us all here – and here you will find other passionate believers who will share your love for God, for His Word, for His ways of leading and guiding you into His lovely plans for your life. We are also the most logical and affordable choice for you!

Anywhere in the World

Life Christian University, through its fully online ministry education program, can teach and mentor any spiritually hungry person, anywhere in the world. The world-wide online program is currently offered in English only, but our Extension Campus program is offered in the people’s common language of the various locations throughout the world. Simply use our foreign campus locator on our website at www.lcus.edu to find out if there is a local campus near you.

Students at LCU take only one course at a time because through this concentrated study technique they are able to retain the most from each Bible-based course. Because the enemy, Satan, will try to oppose your calling by hindering your faith, your provision, and your health, LCU gives you a rock solid foundation for these primary areas first.

Courses that Produce the Miracle Life

In the “Principles of Faith” course, you will learn more about miracle-producing faith than 97% of all other believers will ever know. With that foundation established in your life, you will learn how to receive all of the tools necessary to complete your divine assignment through the “Biblical Prosperity” course. Contrary to Satan’s propaganda, prosperity is a biblical term that God uses to describe how He wants His ministers equipped.

If Satan can rob you of your health, he can defeat you and cause you to be totally ineffective in God’s kingdom work. The course “Divine Healing” will cause you to be miraculously healed if you need that, and to be supernaturally healthy with longevity to run your race all the way to the finish line. You will also be fully equipped to minister healing to others through the courses on “The Anointing” and “Spiritual Gifts.”

Doable and Affordable

The LCU program is designed for any man or woman who is fully engaged in the responsibilities of life. Even with a full work schedule, family duties, and more, most students can maintain a study schedule of the required but very affordable courses, and complete a typical four-year Bachelor’s Degree in four years or less.

You may even see a preview of our first course, to examine the quality of the LCU program and our user-friendly online delivery system for the lectures. We believe that after the “Principles of Faith” course preview, you will be hooked and will desire to enroll and begin the faith-increasing experience of the LCU miracle life.

For testimonies of our students and graduates about the miracle life that they have experienced, go to our Facebook page.


Life Christian University – Equipping passionate believers to live the miracle life. Affordable. Bible-based. Faith-filled.

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