Advanced Placement Credits (APCs)

Transfer Credits

Students transferring credit from another institution of higher learning must provide official, sealed transcripts.

Students will be granted credit for work done on an equivalent level and for a similar amount of time in subjects that fit in the student's program of study.

To qualify as transferable, courses must have received grades of "C" or higher. Transferred grades will be included in the student's overall grade point average (GPA).

Formal transfer credit evaluation is done by the Admissions Department after all official transcripts have been obtained and submitted by the student. In order to avoid an additional reassessment fee, all official transcripts should be received by Admissions within 60 days of the student's application to LCU.

To receive one of our Christian degrees, students must take or transfer in credits covering Program #1 subjects and complete a minimum of 30 credit-hours in one of our programs.

Bible Teaching Experience (BTE) Credits

Bible Teaching Experience credit recognizes academic study for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God in formal classes or services sanctioned by the church, such as adult services, children's church, and youth services.

To qualify for BTE credit, the majority of the material presented should result from the instructor's own study of the Word of God and not rely upon use of pre-printed curriculum. BTE credit will also be awarded for evangelistic speaking engagements, as well as teaching or preaching over radio and television. Conducting Sunday school classes, home Bible studies, or cell groups do not count toward BTE credit.

The maximum BTE you can receive is 1/4 of the credit-hour requirements towards your undergraduate or graduate degree. This means up to 30 credit-hours may be awarded toward a Bachelor's Degree and up to 9 credit-hours of BTE credit may be awarded toward a Master's Degree. No BTE credits can be awarded for doctoral students.

LCU students may apply for BTE credits using our easy-to-use online form. A $50 evaluation fee will be charged at the time of submission, payable by credit/debit card. A further fee of $30 per credit-hour (undergraduate level) or $40 per credit-hour (graduate level) will be assessed for each BTE credit-hour awarded. If no BTE credits are awarded, no additional fee is incurred.

Your BTE Application must be received by Admissions within 60 days of the student's application. Qualifying students will receive and BTE Award Letter from the Office of the Registrar showing the BTE credits for which the student is eligible and the total BTE Credit Awarded Fee due. Upon remittance of that fee, the BTE credits will be officially awarded.

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