Frequently Asked Questions About LCU

  •  How long have you been in operation?
  •  Life Christian University has been proclaiming the life-transforming power of God's Word since 1995.One of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the world, Life Christian University is known for making theology come alive by focusing on the practical applications of Scripture.
  •  Where is your Main Campus?
  •  Main Campus is located in Lutz, Florida, a suburb of Tampa.
  •  Where else is your curriculum offered?
  •  LCU's educational programs are also offered through campuses housed in local churches throughout the world. LCU provides these campuses with all of the curriculum and administrative tools they need to offer an accredited education leading to a variety of degrees. These campuses then choose anointed men and women of God as instructors to educate and mentor future ministers.Such decentralization provides area pastors, ministers, and church members with ministry training in their own home towns. These students do not need to leave their jobs or their ministry responsibilities or relocate in order to fulfill God's calling on their lives.
  •  What is your theological emphasis?
  •  LCU’s emphasis is practical and transformational. We teach every Christian can be empowered by the Holy Spirit for a victorious and useful life as they learn to stand on God's promises. These promises of God include — but are not limited to:
      • Divine health
      • Divine provision
    • Divine guidance for one's life
    • Peace and unity in one's home
    • God's anointing to fulfill one's calling.


  • We further believe that faith can be continually increased through prayer and consistent meditation on the Word of God. For a complete statement of what LCU believes and teaches, see our Statement of Faith.
  • Does LCU offer Licensing and Ordination for Ministers?
  • Life Christian University offers licensing to graduates of at least 60 hours of study with LCU, through the Life Christian University Ministerial Association. Ordination to the ministry is also available but is generally reserved for those already in full-time ministry or to those who need to be ordained in order to take a position in ministry which requires ordination. In addition, ordination is available to those LCU graduates who are launching a ministry which would require one to be ordained.For graduates of the LCU Christian Counseling program, Licensing with the Pastoral Wellness Association is available which allows the graduate to counsel under this ministerial license and to obtain liability insurance for counseling as well.
  •  What is your accreditation?
  •  Please see our Accreditation page.
  •  How much time will I need to complete my LCU degree?
  •  That depends entirely upon how you are taking your courses. Online students take their courses at home at their own pace at times/days of their own choosing. Because of this, credit-hour accumulation times vary widely, depending upon how much time a student has to devote to his/her studies.Students studying at one of our physical campuses attend classes just one day (or evening) per week for three hours of study, taking only one concentrated course at a time. The additional work required for the course, such as reading the text books and writing research papers as required, is done by the student at home on their own time, allowing minimum disruption of the student's family time.Students continue to accumulate credits, generally completing 30 semester hours of credit each year. At this rate, it would take 4 years to accumulate 120 hours of credit, which is required for a bachelor's degree.After receiving their bachelor's degree, a high percentage of LCU students continue advancing their education through the master's and doctoral levels.

    Accepted transfer credits from previous universities and/or Bible institutes you have attended as well as Bible Teaching Experience credits can greatly reduce the timeframe involved. For further information, see our Advanced Placement page.

  •  Can I transfer in credits from other schools?
  •  Accepted transfer credits from previous universities and/or Bible institutes as well as Bible Teaching Experience credits can greatly reduce the time involved. For further information, see our Advanced Placement page.
  •  How much is your tuition?
  •  LCU is recognized for our low tuition rates, as our approach is to provide the most affordable, quality, spiritual education that we can as a ministry to the Lord and to His servants. A three-credit-hour, undergraduate course costs only $200, and that includes textbooks! Please see our Tuition page.
  •  Several of my favorite Bible teachers hold degrees from LCU. What other distinguished graduates do you have?
  •  See our Distinguished Degree Holders page.
  •  What are LCU graduates doing today?
  •  Our graduates are currently serving as pastors, youth pastors, children's pastors and ministers, Bible teachers, hospital and jail chaplains, personal evangelists as well as evangelists holding mass crusades, missionaries, heads of homeless missions, university professors, instructors, and campus directors, worship team leaders and team members, as well as Sunday school teachers, home cell group leaders, and countless other helps ministers.
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