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Pushing Back Against the Devil’s Opposition

Every Christian has a divine purpose in the earth that the Lord has positioned them to fulfill. We must keep in mind, however, that life on this earth is not really about life on this earth. This life is just a test to determine how we will be positioned with the Lord concerning rewards and…

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Shining Lights in the Next Great Revival

We all know how blessed we are to have been exposed to the faith message and to come into the knowledge that God has a solution in His Word for every problem we face in life. In fact, most of us feel that we were actually part of a great revival, a move of God…

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Ignite your faith with these ancient mysteries….

Discover the “mysteries” hidden for us in the ancient Hebrew alphabet – the “Living Letters.” Our popular "Living Letters" course has been rescheduled to start January 4th. LIKE A SECRET CODE, each letter in the Hebrew language has its own special meanings. When added together with what we know as New Testament believers, it will…

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Consider Homeschooling During Difficult Times

2020 DID NOT CATCH GOD BY SURPRISE! Unquestionably 2020 will be known as a year when we all were faced with new and uncertain circumstances we have never faced before. Thankfully this daunting year of 2020 did not catch God by surprise. No! Not at all! Jesus is always at His side as our mediator…

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Are you a new homeschool mom or dad?

The corona virus has caused a re-examination of how children learn best: many parents have seen that learning at home is actually a good match for their children. And many Christian families are seeing this as an opportunity to take their kids out of public schools and give them a spiritual education. If you are…

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One Sunday morning, the Lord told LCU student Spirit Hines that He was transitioning her out of her job, that had excellent salary, benefits, and a great bonus. Her new job resulted in a big cut in salary, but God said, “I am your source. Your job is not your source.” This started a series…

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The “Genius” of Dual Enrollment

Can you imagine graduating from high school… and then receiving your Bachelor’s in Theology the very next week? Life Christian University has made this happen for a variety of young people – and it can happen for your son or daughter! How this works: A high school student enrolls at LCU and takes classes during…

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Called to help? Study Christian Counseling at LCU!

EXCEL IN YOUR COUNSELING MINISTRY Make a lasting difference in the lives of others – in a way that brings them deep healing and peace. Gain practical tools plus deep, scriptural understanding. Perfect your ability to listen from the heart and truly connect with others. Learn to flow with the anointing of God to minister…

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Pastor Gilberto Rodriguez could literally feel the fear in the hospital room – it was that strong. He had been called to the hospital to pray for a young man who had been thrown from a car. The young man was in a coma, with massive head injuries and tubes coming out from several vital…

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A Faster Track for Home Schoolers – Dual Enrollment at Life Christian University

With so many parents across the country deciding to home school* their kids this fall, we wanted you to know… Life Christian University has a program where high school students have earned a Diploma, an Associate’s, an Advanced Diploma, even their Bachelor’s degree while still in high school! Dual-enrolled students can attend at a local…

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LCU graduate Faith Garcia and her daughter were shopping at K-Mart, when she saw a friend across the store. They went over to say “hello,” and her friend introduced them to her cousin who was visiting. The cousin took one look at Faith and said, “You look like you are suffering!” Faith said, “It’s allergies.”…

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When the doctors said her grandmother was not going to make it, LCU student Spirit Hines sought God, joining her faith with her grandfather’s faith. And things turned around miraculously! Her grandmother was vacationing in Detroit, MI, when she fell and hit her head. Blood was leaking inside her skull. She went into a coma,…

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