A Faster Track for Home Schoolers – Dual Enrollment at Life Christian University

With so many parents across the country deciding to home school* their kids this fall, we wanted you to know…

Life Christian University has a program where high school students have earned a Diploma, an Associate’s, an Advanced Diploma, even their Bachelor’s degree while still in high school! Dual-enrolled students can attend at a local campus or complete their studies online.

At LCU, your sons and daughters will:

  • Learn to stand against the attacks on this generation using their authority as a believer
  • Receive a solid, faith-filled spiritual foundation to ground them in times of cultural upheaval
  • Be equipped and empowered to “live the miracle life" at Life Christian University!


Here are the details:

Apply and pay a one-time application fee.

Students pay Undergraduate tuition ($175 for a 12-lecture, 3-credit-hour course.  Textbooks are included.)

They complete the Undergraduate course requirements.

Once high school graduation is complete, they submit proof of high school.

They receive their Life Christian University degree(s), official transcript, and degree certificate(s).

They celebrate their accomplishment with their families!

*NOTE: If home school students are using a Christian curriculum, many of our faith-filled LCU courses can be used to satisfy a variety of high school credits, such as Bible, History, Science, Health, Finance, Service, Social Studies, even English and Humanities!  They will be earning high school credit and college credit at the same time.


For a free preview of LCU’s first course, “Principles of Faith,” click here!

Still have questions? Call Rev. Deb Smith, Monday through Thursday, 10am - 6pm ET @ 813-909-9720


Required Program One Courses:

For Bible Credits:
Principles of Faith
Authority of the Believer

For Health Credits:
Divine Healing

For Finance Credit:
Biblical Prosperity

For Social Studies Credit:
Christ-Like Character

For “Service” Credit:
Ministry of Helps
Ministry Practicum – Year One

For History Credits:
Life and Teachings of Christ I
Life and Teachings of Christ I
New Testament Survey

Required Program Two Courses:

For Bible Credits:
The Anointing
Spiritual Gifts
Ministry Gifts & Church Government
Discovering Your Purpose

For History Credits:
Old Testament Survey I
Old Testament Survey II
For English Credit:
Methods of Bible Study

For Humanities Credit:
Principles of Prayer

For “Service” Credit:
Ministry Practicum – Year Two

Program Three Courses:

For Bible Credits:
Blood Covenant
The Blessing of the Lord
I & II Corinthians I
I & II Corinthians II

For History Credits:
Acts of the Apostles

For Humanities Credit:
Personal Evangelism
Divine Guidance

For “Service” Credit:
Ministry Practicum – Year Three

Program Four Courses:

For Bible Credits:
Submission & Authority
Spiritual Armor and Warfare
The Gospel of John

For History Credits:
Church History
Tabernacles of God
For Science Credits:
Creationism vs Evolution
Temperament Theory
Counseling with Scriptures

For Humanities Credit:
True Worship
Teaching the Bible
For Social Studies Credit:
Ministerial Ethics
Principles of Leadership

For English Credit:
Christian Literature

For “Service” Credit:
Ministry Practicum – Year Four

Click here to fill out an application
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