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A Life-Changing University

  I’ve been at the University for approximately five years. I tell people often that it’s a “life-changing” University. In so many ways it has changed me and allowed me…

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God’s Work in My Life

What LCU means to me is this: it has given me a rock, a solid foundation, that has grown deep roots in me. It has taught me about biblical principles…

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No Longer a Caterpillar

What has LCU meant to me? All I can say is “transformation for my life.” You know how the caterpillar has to go to the cocoon stage for 5-21 days?…

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What Students Are Saying

"My entire life is changing for my good and God's glory." "It was my encounter with Life Christian University that propelled me into my destiny." "I found out how much…

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New Years Message 2019

With the joy of the Christmas season just behind us, we are now faced with a new year and a new question: Will we face it with dread and gloom…

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