God’s Work in My Life

What LCU means to me is this: it has given me a rock, a solid foundation, that has grown deep roots in me. It has taught me about biblical principles that have changed my life.

When I first started going to LCU, I didn’t have a means to pay for Bible College. I just went on faith, and every year after my first year, my Bible College has been paid in full. After three years, my house was paid off, and I was able to buy a house for my dad.

I received my Bachelor’s degree, and I have a job at a church now. I’ve traveled all over the world to South Africa, Jamaica, and in the United States doing Bible Services seeing people saved, delivered, and healed. It’s been such a powerful thing in my life.

I’m grateful for everything that I’ve learned at LCU, for the opportunities and the doors that God has opened.

I want to encourage you that if you have any questions, just to come and find out for yourself. See what God wants to do in your life, what He wants to teach you, and how He wants to work with you.

– J. T., Bachelor of Theology, Tampa, FL

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