One Sunday morning, the Lord told LCU student Spirit Hines that He was transitioning her out of her job, that had excellent salary, benefits, and a great bonus. Her new job resulted in a big cut in salary, but God said, “I am your source. Your job is not your source.”

This started a series of miracles for Spirit, who is also an LCU Campus Director. Almost immediately, she discovered that her new restaurant was being remodeled and would be closed for 7 weeks. “Lord,” she exclaimed, “my breakthrough fell through!” But she believed God! She soon found out she was getting a 7-week vacation with pay!

Then her new bosses blessed her with a top-of-the-line Apple MacBook for her to use at her LCU campus. And when her new Mercedes was totaled in an accident, her new bosses provided her with a replacement car – paid in full! They told her, “You have work to do, Spirit. Go forth and continue!”



You too, can live the Miracle Life… at Life Christian University!

  • Hear from God
  • Obey what He says to do
  • Watch for the miracle!


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