4 Miracles in 40 Days!

LCU graduate Pastor Luis Perez had witnessed to his coworker Charlie, a landscaper, on many occasions, but Charlie was not interested. One day he even told Luis, “I’m going to go with the devil. I’m going to cut the devil’s grass in Hell.”

Then one evening, Charlie was waiting at the time clock for Luis. He needed prayer, as the next day he was scheduled for a biopsy for a suspicious lump on his thyroid. Luis prayed for him – and that started a series of miracles for Charlie, seven in all. First, he was miraculously healed of the thyroid tumor. A few weeks later, after being diagnosed with several other serious health problems, Charlie went to church at Luis’ church. That day Charlie was born again and had a radical experience with God’s supernatural power. With odds of one-in-a-million, God miraculously healed Charlie from advanced leukemia. Next he was miraculously healed from tumors on his pancreas and his liver. Finally, he was miraculously healed from a kidney tumor the size of a golf ball. These last 4 miracles happened within 40 days from the time Charlie was born again!


Have you ever witnessed to someone and they rejected everything you said?

Have you prayed for them for healing and a miracle happened – and they never told Jesus “Thank You”?

DON’T GIVE UP! Here is proof that God is at work even in the hardest of hearts!

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