A Miracle at McDonald’s

A Miracle at McDonald’s

This is just what Life Christian University teaches. It’s just Faith 101: hear from the Lord and just do what He says. And then you just see the miracle take place. That’s just how it works. It’s so good hearing God’s Word.

At McDonald’s in Guatemala City, Guatemala

We held the door open for this lady, and we started talking to her and her husband. She had just came back from a doctor from getting her eyes checked. She is completely blind. You see it. I mean her eyes are gray. You literally cannot see the pupil. They are the same color as the other parts.

I am thinking, “This is really something!” We told her we believe God was there to heal her. I feel the reason God moves in such a powerful way is there is no complexity for their faith. These people are so poor. They literally have nothing and so they’re counting on God for everything. And faith is the space where miracles take place.

So we start praying with this woman, and she starts bawling and crying out to the Lord. She feels the presence of God all over her. She’s saying, “Glory to God. Glory to God.” And her husband’s right there, and he’s crying too. God is all over that McDonalds – right there while we’re standing in front of the dollar menu. It was so amazing!

This woman starts to open her eyes. Oh, my gosh! She opens her eyes. You see the hazel beauty. You see her pupils. She's whooping and hollering, crying. We start preaching the Gospel right there to everyone at McDonalds. “This woman just got healed by Jesus. You need to come to Him. He’s ready to heal you and touch you and make your life new.”

Oh, it was just so amazing! Then her husband gives his life to Jesus – Who he was running from. He had a lot of problems with drinking, but we believe right then and there that he was delivered and set free forever. He drew the line right there. That's just a forever moment. You can’t escape that.

Zachery and Kelly Teasdale • Main Campus, Tampa, FL

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