When the doctors said her grandmother was not going to make it, LCU student Spirit Hines sought God, joining her faith with her grandfather’s faith. And things turned around miraculously!

Her grandmother was vacationing in Detroit, MI, when she fell and hit her head. Blood was leaking inside her skull. She went into a coma, so the doctors put her on a ventilator. That’s when they gave Spirit’s family, still back in Round Rock, Texas, the negative report that Grandmother was not going to live. But faith prevailed, and within a few days, Grandmother was awake and talking. Then the corona virus hit, and Grandmother caught it. They put her back on the ventilator. She was unresponsive for weeks – from February until June.

Both Spirit and Grandfather heard from God that they were to stand on the character of God. They face-timed the hospital and Grandfather told the nurse, “Nurse, place your hand on my wife’s head!” When the nurse laid her hand on Grandmother’s head, Grandfather and Spirit prayed, and the power of God went through the phone.

Things turned quickly after that. Within 48 hours, Grandpa received another face-time call: this time from Grandmother, who was awake and alert, saying, “Hi, Honey!”

Praise God! When the enemy said, “Death,” Spirit said, “Not so!”


You too, can live the Miracle Life… at Life Christian University!

  • Hear from God
  • Obey what He says to do
  • Watch for the miracle!

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