Pray for me again, I’m awake now!

“Pray for Carolyn!” The inner voice was clear. Carolyn was a neighbor that LCU graduate, LeAnna Eldridge, had spoken with briefly. Carolyn was spiritual, but in a New Age kind of way. She had been battling brain cancer, and LeAnna had prayed with her for healing several months earlier. LeAnna said, “I will, Lord, right after work tonight.”

That evening, a woman in nursing scrubs answered the door. LeAnna introduced herself as Carolyn’s neighbor. The nurse replied, “Miss Carolyn isn’t able to visit with you tonight.” It seemed her brain tumor had returned, and she had been given a double dose of morphine for the pain.

LeAnna said, “That’s okay. I came to pray for her. May I come in?”

The nurse graciously led LeAnna into the dining room where Carolyn lay in a hospital-type bed, hooked to fluids. The nurse sat down on a couch nearby.

Carolyn was heavily drugged, but LeAnna knew her spirit was awake and aware. LeAnna prayed quickly, to see what the Lord Jesus wanted to do next, because that’s how faith works. We hear the rhema of God; we do it; and we wait to see the miracle.

LeAnna heard Jesus say, “Preach the Gospel!”

LeAnna greeted Carolyn as if she were awake. Then LeAnna presented the Gospel, using a very simple message she uses for children. When she got to the prayer, she said, “Carolyn, I know your body is not working right now, but your spirit is very interested in what you just heard. I know you want to receive this new life from Jesus. As I pray, you can pray silently after me. Jesus can hear your heart and will answer your prayer.”

As LeAnna prayed a salvation prayer with Carolyn, LeAnna definitely felt the power of God fill the room. She laid her hand on Carolyn’s arm and prayed for the pain to go, the tumor to be dissolved, and for Carolyn to be healed from brain cancer. Carolyn moaned a little throughout LeAnna’s visit, but other than that, Carolyn was non-responsive.

As LeAnna turned to go, she noticed that the hospice nurse was in tears. “That was so beautiful,” she said.

“Are you a believer?” LeAnna asked.

“I was raised in church, but I haven’t gone in years. Will you pray for me. I want to come back to Jesus tonight.”

LeAnna and the nurse prayed and cried together.

Then the nurse said, “I am so glad you came. Miss Carolyn is not expected to live through the night. If she does, she will be moved to a hospice house tomorrow morning. You came just in time.”

LeAnna left rejoicing in what God had done.

The next morning, no one answered Carolyn’s door. LeAnna stood on the porch, thinking, “I should have asked the nurse which hospice house! Now how will I find Carolyn?”

Just then, a little car with California plates parked in front of her. Carolyn’s son and daughter-in-law had driven from California to Florida to see their mother one last time. It turned out they were Christians and had been quite worried that their mother would pass without receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord. LeAnna told them she had presented the Gospel to their mom, that the presence of the Lord had filled the room, and that she had prayed for Carolyn’s healing. They all rejoiced together, praising God for His goodness. Carolyn’s son gave me the address of the hospice house so I could visit his mom.

That evening, LeAnna and her husband went to see Carolyn. LeAnna walked into Carolyn’s room and was delighted to see Carolyn sitting up in bed, with bright eyes and a beautiful smile! “LeAnna!” she called out. “You prayed with me last night! Pray for me again – I’m awake now!”

So LeAnna prayed with her again! This time Carolyn repeated the prayer of salvation in a strong, confident voice. Hallelujah!

Within 3 days Carolyn was released from hospice to a rehab center, totally healed from the brain tumor!

It is a season of miracles.


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