Pulled from the Door of Hell!

Caesar was a young man who had visited Pastor Gilberto’s church a few times for the youth service. Caesar had gone up for prayer at the altar call, but had not made a solid commitment to follow Jesus. Pastor Gilberto received news that Cesar was in a terrible accident – a pole fell on the car and had fractured his skull. The doctor’s report said he was about to die. But God had a different plan for Caesar’s life!

At God’s direction, Pastor Gilberto went to the hospital to pray for Caesar. The attending nurse confirmed the doctor’s report that Caesar was not expected to live through the night. As Pastor Gilberto entered Caesar’s room, the young man looked bad; he had tubes coming out everywhere. A piece of his skull had been removed in order to release the pressure. As Pastor Gilberto sought God on how to pray, he was filled with boldness and declared Caesar was not going to be a trophy for Satan.

Pastor Gilberto began to pray, “Lord, if this young man dies tonight and he is going to be a trophy for Hell, I will stand at the door of Hell and pull him out.” At that moment, the heat began increasing in the room. Pastor Gilberto was suddenly saturated completely in supernatural anointing oil: his feet felt like they were in a pool of hot oil; oil dripped from his head and his hands.

Pastor Gilberto reports, “As I pulled on Caesar’s hands, I felt a release. I knew the Lord had pulled him out. I told Caesar, ‘You’re not going to die. I’m going to give you the report of the Lord.’ At that moment God told me what to write. He told me when Caesar’s vital signs were going to change, when he would show signs of life, when he would open his eyes, when they would take out the tubes, when he would be released for therapy, and what date he would be at church giving testimony!”

And it all happened, just as the Holy Spirit had said!

Cesar showed up at church three weeks later. His family also came; after the service, they all came forward for prayer for conversion.

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