The Lance Halick Story

Dr. Lance Halick, a successful Christian businessman in Canton, Georgia, vividly recalls the night his life changed its course forever. It started simply enough as a night out with his family. Lance and his wife, Debi, treated their family to a performance of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” in 2008. Sitting in the audience, as the music for the prelude began, Lance started weeping. He heard Jesus say something to him that confirmed what he had known for years: “I want you to get ready.”

Lance knew exactly what Jesus meant. “I knew I was called to be a pastor in full-time ministry, but I ran. Over years of running, the call was confirmed by numerous people, including a pastor. I told him, ‘No way, Pastor. Sheep bite!’” Now, after years of running, Lance knew he could run no longer and made the decision to walk in obedience to that call.

“As I heard the voice of Jesus, I thought I knew what He meant,” Lance said. “I felt I needed to have the piece of paper that would show I was qualified to teach the Word.” Lance had been a Christian for years and had already ministered with a Christian band, led worship, and been an elder at his church. As Lance tells the story, “I thought I knew enough, but I decided to go online to find a Bible school to get the diploma that I thought I needed.

“I found LCU and began to attend. When I took my very first course, ‘Divine Healing,’ I got so excited after the first night that I told Debi, ‘This is so good that you’ve got to do this with me!’”

Dr. Lance and Dr. Debi have now finished their Bachelor’s, their Master’s, and their Doctor of Ministry degrees at LCU, all with highest honors. In 2013, they opened The Heart of Worship Church in Canton, GA, and opened an LCU campus in 2015.

“There is no way I would have been able to be the pastor that I am without what I learned from LCU. The Biblical foundation I received exceeded anything I had learned prior to my schooling. LCU’s curriculum placed me into a position of being a qualified teacher of the Word.”

His community has been greatly impacted. “As a result of my education at LCU and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we as a church congregation are walking in the miraculous power of God’s Word. We consistently experience miracles of healing, deliverance of strongholds, and people’s lives being restored to how God designed them to live. It doesn’t matter what a person is dealing with, through the power of God’s Word, they can have victory!

“As people come to our church, they see something different. They have told us, ‘The depth of God’s Word is being taught on a regular basis here that we haven’t heard before.’ This is only possible due to the teaching I received from LCU and the Holy Spirit. LCU has given me the foundation in the Word that has equipped me to walk in the fullness of His blessings. Through our education, my wife and I have a deeper relationship with God and each other. We are passing that on to our church family and others. We consistently witness lives transformed due to the truth of God’s Word that helps people navigate through the issues in life that the enemy has thrown at them.”

Being a pastor hasn’t always been easy. “There have been many times where discouragement has tried to get me off course. The truth we have learned through LCU enables us to remain on course and continue in the call of God. Each time discouragement tried to enter in, the Word we were grounded in gave us what we needed to come out on top and be victors instead of victims.”

Through it all, Dr. Lance and Dr. Debi have an enthusiasm for the Word of God that continues to grow and grow. Dr. Lance describes it this way, “I didn’t know how much I didn’t know until I started learning. Now I understand that the Word of God is like a huge chasm that you step into. The deeper you get, the deeper it goes. There is no end to it. Thank you, LCU, for establishing me on the firm foundation of the truth.”

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