When LCU graduate Pastor Israel Cabrera laid hands on Sarely, he could tell the Holy Spirit was doing something amazing in her body. Little did he know how desperately Sarely needed a touch from the Lord! As Pastor Israel prayed, she was miraculously and instantly healed – after the service she told him, “I believe the Lord has healed my back. Thank you, God!”

Later in the week, Pastor Israel visited Sarely and her husband in their home. There he learned that the night before her miraculous healing, her back was in such acute pain that she was almost paralyzed. Still she was determined to attend church services the next day. Sarely also told Pastor Israel that the doctors wanted to perform more back surgeries, but she had told them, “No, the Lord is going to heal me.”

Then, as Pastor Israel watched, Sarley got up from her chair and demonstrated how totally healed she was: she bent down and touched her toes again and again! Then she shouted with joy, “Thank You, Jesus! I am healed!”

What Sarley didn’t know is that the same Saturday night when she was in such pain, that her name kept popping up in Pastor Israel’s prayers. He was also instructed by the Holy Spirit to bring anointing oil and pray for each of the members of his leadership team on Sunday morning during worship. He said, “Yes, Lord, I hear You and that’s what I’m going to do.” Sarley was the last team member he prayed for – with dramatic and wonderful results.

You too, can live the Miracle Life… at Life Christian University!

  • Hear from God
  • Obey what He says to do
  • Watch for the miracle!


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