The Miracle Report of the Lord

“Your daughter has only 24-48 hours to live.” This was the report the doctors gave Edward on Wednesday evening. His daughter was in a coma and could not breathe. But LCU graduate Pastor Gilberto Rodriguez received a far different report in prayer – the Miracle Report of the Lord. At the Lord’s instructions, he typed out these “doctor’s notes from heaven,” which were complete with times for specific milestones of healing, such as “By 11:00, she will open her eyes” and “By Tuesday morning, she will be released from the hospital.”

Pastor Gilberto and a team from his church visited the hospital and agreed with Edward in prayer that the Report of the Lord would be fulfilled exactly as Pastor Gilberto had recorded it.

Edward posted it above his daughter’s bed, saying, “No one touches this. It is the report of the Lord!”

Then her parents and staff all watched with delight and awe as one milestone of healing after another was accomplished, right on time… just as the Miracle Report of the Lord had foretold!

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